History: a dream come true

It all goes back to 1966, when Virgilio Suárez Almeida, a multisectoral Canarian businessman, related to construction, food, travel agencies, hotels, discretionary transport, etc., and great lover of the sea, created the first nautical tourism company, called Marítima Insular, acquiring for this, 3 catamaran boats, from Finnish shipyards, to dedicate them to the rental of boats specialized in deep-sea fishing.

That revolutionary, but at the same time, daring and risky bet, with an incipient tourism, with hardly any tourist accommodation in Gran Canaria, forced to overcome many obstacles not without a large dose of imagination. Even so, his capacity for work and perseverance made the project not only survive the enormous difficulties of the moment, but also endure for almost 20 years.

After a long parenthesis, his heirs, grandsons of Virgilio Suárez Almeida, Virgilio and Nacho Suárez Gómez de Salazar Professional Captain and Web Designer, respectively, resumed, with the illusion of giving continuity in that activity, and with the means that today provide new technologies, the witness left by his grandfather, managing to make, from the already extinct family company Marítima Insular, the modern, dynamic and several times awarded Marítima de Charter, better known by its commercial name, Ocean Charter Club.

The challenge was to offer something more in line with the current nautical tourist, whose demands differ, to a great extent, from those of the 1960s.

The new times did not make it very easy, quite the contrary, since they had to deal with a large number of already established companies, which made them sharpen their ingenuity, and thus the new promoters, noticing the market’s shortcomings, focused their efforts in a wide, diversified and, above all, high quality offer, placing great emphasis on the specialization of private charter, for small groups of family and friends.

Reciprocal collaboration with the competition has been decisive in forming a wide and diverse fleet of boats that is currently made up, in the Canary Islands alone, of more than 40 units, including yachts, sailboats and catamarans.

Business tourism or MICE (tourism for meetings, congresses, conventions, incentives, exhibitions or events), with an increasing demand, required special attention for which large catamarans with high passenger capacity (up to 230 pax) were incorporated.

Once this first stage was completed, in which the Canary Islands obviously played a leading role in the company’s development and subsequent consolidation, and in view of the needs and suggestions expressed by the customers themselves, the company took a new initiative and decided, in 2018 , expand its offer to new destinations, making the leap to the Mediterranean, through collaboration agreements with local charter agents and operators on the one hand and, on the other, with the shipowners themselves, which made it possible, in record time, to be present in the main ports of the Mediterranean, from the Balearic Islands to the Turkish Riviera, passing through the French Riviera, Italian Riviera, Croatia and Greece, incorporating, in turn, yachts and catamarans of great length, as well as a considerable diversity of gulets with bases, mainly, in Croatia and Turkey.

The distance ceased to be an insurmountable barrier to formalize a made-to-measure reservation, no matter how complicated it may seem, anywhere and from any country, and the personalized and permanent attention from start to finish, was a guarantee that absolutely nothing was left out. Randomly, offering the utmost care, down to the smallest detail.

This is precisely one of the characteristics that differentiates Ocean Charter Club from the vast majority of boat rental platforms: Personalized Attention, which, in the opinion of its co-founders, “represents a clear return to the future of the sector”.

Today, Marítima de Charter (Ocean Charter Club), can be considered as one of the boat rental or nautical charter companies, best positioned to offer a high quality personalized service in innumerable destinations, different times of the year and for all pleasures.

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