Why wait for Summer to SAIL?

Gran Canaria offers you 365 sunny and navigable days, which is why boat rentals in Gran Canaria remain active and dynamic practically all year round.

The wide range of more than 40 yachts, sailboats and catamarans, the latter with or without crew, that make up the Ocean Charter Club fleet, allows our lovers of the sea and life in contact with nature, to enjoy for hours, days o week of sun and spectacular temperatures that the weather in Gran Canaria offers throughout the year.

If we add to this, the boats specialized in holding events with a capacity of up to 240 guests, we see that both these and the so-called Friends and Family, which are aimed at small family groups or friends, for a maximum of 10 guests on charter private, all-inclusive, the offer is the most complete and diverse you can find.

Boats for fishing, for whale watching, for holding any type of event, whether private or corporate, or simply for a relaxing tour along the coast, together with the complementary offer of sports activities (Snorkeling, Paddle surfing, Jet skis, Banana boat, Parasailing, Flyboard) make, without a doubt, a special attraction that is worth considering for your leisure, relaxation and fun time.


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