Like all our plates, those of the Living crockery are melamine plates, ultra resistant and light. Melamine can be of many types, but we only use pure extra quality melamine, without additives or toxic substances. For this reason, our crockery has passed the quality controls required by the European Union. They are free of Bishenol A.

In the case of the living collection, the flat plate, dessert plate, deep plate and breakfast cup have a non-slip ring on their base that provides grip during navigation.

And the best thing is that all glasses and mugs also have a non-slip ring on the bottom!

Living is proof that simplicity is compatible with elegance and is perfect on board for all occasions.


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Products designed with the highest quality, for yachts, gardens and outdoor spaces

The Ocean Charter Club ONLINE store offers products designed with the highest quality.

It has a wide variety for different environments, made with ultra-resistant materials, free of Bisphenol A.

Their fabrics are mainly velvety cotton and made with grammage.

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