The Moon melamine dinnerware line is one of our favorite super-strong collections.

It is available in several colors, for now in Acqua, Blue and Transparent and is made up of almost unbreakable glasses and cups, 2-liter water jugs and bottles.

Both the glasses and the glasses are sold in sets of 6 u. The two-liter carafes are sold individually and the bottles come 2 units in the set.

Moon glassware is highly impact resistant and made from a very hard material called Metalstyrene (MS). This material and the design of the pieces makes this line look like glass.


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Products designed with the highest quality, for yachts, gardens and outdoor spaces

The Ocean Charter Club ONLINE store offers products designed with the highest quality.

It has a wide variety for different environments, made with ultra-resistant materials, free of Bisphenol A.

Their fabrics are mainly velvety cotton and made with grammage.

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