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    • 8 pax + crew
    • Minimum: 4 hours
    • Catering service included
    • Location: Canary Islands

    The Cata is one of the best sport fishing boats in the Canary Islands, fully equipped and whose experienced skipper, Pedro, enjoys numerous prizes throughout his extensive activity.

    The Canarian archipelago has a long tradition of inshore fishing and height that was born in the time of the calafate and sailing, the wafers of two points, times of African and American voyages, salt and scarcity. The “coastal”, hard men of the coast, have been forging a traditional fishing culture that will be revealed to the lover of this sport for their delight.

    Canarian marlins first heard about Ernest Hemingway, author of “The Old Man and the Sea” (an epic that tells of an old fisherman’s fight with a large boll weevil) from the mouth of D. Gregorio Fuentes. Patron of “El Pilar” and world dean of the sport fishermen, this canary emigrated to Cuba at the beginning of the century, revealed the secrets and the respect that the Canarians had for this unique fish


    • Length: 11,86 m
    • Beam: 4,00m
    • Draft: 0,95 m
    • Engines: 2 of 1.050 HP
    • Year of construction: 2012
    • Engine: 2x240 CV



    The troll season begins in the Canary Islands in mid-April with the arrival of tunas, and May with the first Blue Marlins, although it is not uncommon to find tuna since February. During May, June, July, August and September you will have the opportunity to release one, two, or if you are very lucky, 3 billfish in one day! Blue Marlin, White Marlin and Spearfish; Bigeye, Yellowfin, Albacore, Big Eye or Bonito, and golden, are the main species that you can find on the other side of the line when you’re stuck !! All fishing modalities include food and drink on board.

    Fishing Fund:

    You can practice this type of fishing all year, the advantage of having a climate like this is that you can spend a great day with your family and friends in our “summer” of 20 degrees. Rays, angels, bocinegros, bream, grouper, mackerel, moray, cabrilla, breca, are typical fish from the waters of the Canary Islands.

    Fishing to the Hondous

    Search in the depths of the waters can also be exciting in Gran Canaria: Conger, hake, fula, and many more.

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    May I help you?
    My name is Virgilio, may I help you.