Book Your Charter: Private Vs. Shared

From the moment you decide which boat to rent, you must take into account the steps to follow in order to guarantee the availability of the date and boat.

Alquiler de charter en Gran Canaria

All the boats that make up the Ocean Charter Club fleet are in a situation of availability in the Automatic Reservation System, which is accessed by the network of agents of the company itself, to make an option that will block, immediately, the date and the boat for a certain client.

This option corresponds to the amount of the reservation, which generally translates into 50% of the total amount of the charter, except in cases where the reservation is formalized with very little time in advance, that is, with less than 20 days from the date of the reservation to the date of Check-in. In these cases, the total amount of the charter must be paid at the time of booking.

The reason why payment is required with this period in advance is because they are private charters, not shared, which, unlike the second ones, require an express planning tailored to the client, as well as the interruption of new requests or requests for this boat and specific date. Therefore, Ocean Charter Club must take sufficient guarantees so as not to incur economic damage derived from the expenses involved, not only the preparation of the charter, which entails, among many other things, the mobilization of the crew, but also the fact of having blocked, in advance, the entry of new reservations.

pareja en charter en gran canaria

Unlike, as we said, a shared charter, this one has a schedule as a regular line and ticket sales, that is, whether the boat is full or not, you are forced to make the exits as planned.

charter gran canaria

The client must adapt to the conditions offered by the shared charter company and not the other way around as is the case with private charters, whose flexibility is much higher, if we take into account that The client can choose, within certain limits, the departure time, the hours they want to enjoy, the sports activities they want to practice, the choice of different food and drink options, the itinerary, the pick-up service, etc., but what is more important, the charter is only shared with your family or friends, as if it were your own boat.

The differences between the two charter modalities are obvious, but the exclusivity, privacy and personalized attention offered by a private charter, compared to a shared charter are, undoubtedly, the 3 qualities that our clients value the most.


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