The Best Boats To Charter

If you are considering buying a boat or, on the contrary, you already have it, and you want to enjoy it to the fullest, with family or friends, regardless of whether you are interested in chartering it later on to obtain a return when you are not using it, in addition to maintenance costs you the least, you must take into consideration 3 fundamental characteristics that the boat must meet, and they are: space, comfort and low consumption.

Mochi Craft 56 (17 mt) from the Ferretti shipyard, one of the best in Italy

The ideal length is around 15/18 meters, with an approved capacity for 10/12 day guests, plus crew and, preferably motor 95% of the rental boats in Gran Canaria, contrary to the Balearic Islands or most of the Mediterranean, are hired for day charter, that is, to spend a day of 4 to 6 hours at sea. Therefore, the interior space is not as important as the exterior, where the client spends most of the time, unless you dedicate it simultaneously to your personal/family use, in which case, you must give it the importance that both spaces must have.


The nautical tourist in the Canary Islands, except for a minority, is, as we said before, more of a day charter than spending nights on board. He likes to know and, therefore, visit places on the coast in the shortest possible time, taking advantage, in addition, to practice activities. Therefore, it is not the typical navigator.

This makes the motor boat much more attractive to the client, when choosing between one or the other.


We have opted for the two best boats that, for our taste, exist today on the market and that meet the necessary conditions of habitability and space. Each one with its different typologies and with its advantages and disadvantages, but let’s see:

The Multihull or catamaran, always referring to the motorized ones, has the possibility of being certified for more guests, during the day, since a monohull already has more space, both exterior and interior, by having something more, one and a half times. sleeve, than a monohull. It is also usually powered by engines somewhat smaller than those of a monohull, which results in lower fuel consumption.

Sunreef 60 power (18 mt), considered the best shipyard in the world (Poland).

Against, it has mooring costs, which are higher than those of the monohull since, as we said, the beam (width) of the boat is greater than those.

Monohulls have in their favour, firstly, the lower cost of mooring, secondly, the attractiveness superior to catamarans, from the customer’s point of view (more aerodynamic lines) and, finally, speed, very take into account for what we said referring to the characteristics of the client.


As we usually say, the diabolical amount is a group made up of between 13 to 15 people, since this requires a high-capacity boat, whose offer in the Canary Islands is very limited, which is necessary to hire a boat of at least 50 guests from now on, for only 13 or 15 people, which makes the price per person considerably more expensive.

The ideal, as we already said, is between 10/12 people plus crew, with an interior that offers at least 3/4 cabins, from the owner’s point of view, in case you want to spend nights on board, with family or friends.


It depends on the chosen shipyard, but in both cases you can find used boats that, sometimes, the shipyards themselves offer, with the guarantee that this implies. Comparing shipyards of the same level of quality and boats of similar characteristics in terms of lengths, monohulls are usually cheaper than catamarans.

In the following links, you will be able to see boats similar to the ones we are referring to and that, at the moment, Ocean Charter Club manages, with considerable success.

To directly access the shipyards of each of these boat, enter the following links

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