¿How Many Are We? Which Boat To Choose?

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The Gran Canaria boat rental is an ideal way to enjoy a day or more, by the sea, away from the crowds and hustle. Above all, when we want to do it in private, with no one but our group of friends and family, what is called a private charter.

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Before we must be clear about which boat to choose. Regardless of whether it is motorized or sailing, we must know that the size of the boat is not, in most cases, proportional to the number of people it can carry on board.

Each boat, regardless of length, is certified for a maximum number of people, which is generally established by the own shipyard that manufactured it in accordance with the design and seaworthiness characteristics.

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However, these limitations may vary more or less, once the boat has been acquired since the shipowner can request, in the Maritime Captaincy, the expansion of capacity, being, in this case, subject to a rigorous examination by naval engineers who will determine whether or not the vessel meets the necessary requirements to provide it with greater capacity.

alquiler de veleros en gran canaria

Normally, the 6th List (Registration or certification that identifies recreational boats for profit), are boats authorized for a maximum of 12pax, including the crew.

The fact that the boat is 50 meters long, if it is registered in the 6th List, it can only carry a maximum of 12 people, including the crew. Another very different thing is that either, the ship undergoes an engineering project and stability tests or is registered in the Passenger List from the beginning, like boats for events, in which case, the number of passengers can be increased up to the limit that results from the aforementioned project. Although it is still an expensive and cumbersome process.

On the other hand, the mere fact that a boat is registered in List 6 does not necessarily imply that it can carry 12 people. Well, if it is a boat of less than 10 meters, for example, its maximum approved capacity may be limited to a lower quantity.

Finally and very importantly, the owner of a boat of 15, 20 or more meters in length, can voluntarily set a lower maximum passenger capacity for which it is authorized, either for the convenience of the passengers themselves or due to the fact to offer a better service on board.

In short, it is always advisable, if the boat file on the web does not specify it clearly, consult Ocean Charter Club, and an expert will advise you on which boat or boats suit your specific tastes and needs.


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