Events at Sea

Weddings, farewells, reunions, birthdays, anniversaries, graduations… any reason is good to celebrate it in a big way, and if it is at sea, much better.

Private or corporate events that will always remain in the memory, as something unique and original, far from the everyday and in direct contact with nature.

An occasion that you can design to your tastes and needs. And so that you lack nothing you can, if you wish, count on our advice, which we have provided on numerous occasions both to individuals and to small, medium and large companies.

To celebrate a special occasion at sea, the only limitation is your own imagination, because the customization possibilities are unlimited in terms of the number of hours, catering, sports activities, music of your choice, etc.

Our corporate clients:

A TEAM BUILDING, in which a friendly competition is organized in medium-length sailboats with a professional skipper, who offers the participants some basic notions of navigation. A SUNSET CHARTER, choosing the last hours of the day to attend a spectacular sunset during which the classic toast and background Lounge music cannot be missed. An ADRENALINE CHARTER, in which to test the skills of the participants aboard a jet ski, or on a Flyboard or, simply, rise 70 meters high in Parasailing and get the most impressive views you can imagine. A WINE TASTING CHARTER, in which you can taste the best Canarian wines accompanied by a varied selection of local tapas. These are, among many others, the most requested options.

Ocean Charter Club has boats to meet the needs of groups, regardless of the number of guests that make it up, from small yachts and sailboats for small groups, to catamarans with a capacity of up to 240 pax. Even if the group exceeds the maximum limit of each ship, we offer the possibility, as has happened on more than one occasion, of uniting as many ships as necessary so that no one is left on land!

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