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Ocean Charter Club continues to expand and diversify its activity in everything that represents a greater link with recreational sailing, as an essential complement to equipment, not only for boats, but for everything that has to do with life in the open air, Thus creating an outdoorlife line through The Shop, Ocean Charter Shop, for the full enjoyment of lovers of design, quality and outdoor life.

Products that will make you feel the sea, wherever you are at all times. A perfect complement for: boats, gardens, terraces, houses, apartments, villas, hotels, etc.

Innovation, Quality and Personalization:

The combination of innovation, quality and customization are the characteristics that define our products, which motivates us, each year, to present new collections, accessories and accessories to enjoy life outdoors more and better.

Our strategy is to create innovative and high quality items. analyzing the needs of consumers and developing products to make life on board and abroad a practical, comfortable and pleasant experience.


Useful products are devised for life on board or in any outdoor space such as unbreakable and non-slip glasses and plates, thermal items to preserve the temperature, cushions and anti-wind ashtrays, waterproof tablecloths, special sheets for boats, non-slip mats…


We offer only 100% pure Melamine and each production goes through the strictest quality and health controls, fully complying with all European regulations. Our glasses are made of ultra resistant materials. All plastic materials are free of Bisphenol A. As for our fabrics, these are mainly velvety cotton and made of heavy weight.


Original designs, of different styles creating trends in the sector. All our collections are registered through the RE-CREA design platform…

Ejemplos de Personalización
For Nautical Charter Companies, Hotels, Apartments…

We create an exclusive line for you, with your corporate image. Add your logo, and increase your notoriety and brand image. We believe that differentiation is important to highlight your company from the rest of the competition.

Investing in personalized, exclusive and unique products will allow you to optimize communication, since your brand will advertise itself.

Therefore, customizing your products and using the emblematic colors or figures and symbols identified with your business will make your brand constantly in the mind of the consumer./p>

Melamine tableware: minimum customization 300 units.

Other products: to consult.

Contact us, it will be a pleasure to assist you to inform you or to analyze your Custom project.

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