Ocean Charter Club provides you with a wide selection of units, of very diverse typologies for the rental of boats in Greece, whether you want a family cruise of a week or more, whether on board a fantastic private schooner, a yacht, mega-yacht , sailboat or catamaran, the Greek islands is one of the quintessential destinations for recreational boating in the Mediterranean.

All our boats offer a service with the highest quality standards, in charge of expert crews who will provide you, at all times, with exclusive and personalized attention, while you will be able to enjoy extraordinary local gastronomy.

The options that Greece offers are practically unlimited, as many as its endless sailing itineraries. For this reason, we suggest you let yourself be advised by our area team, the Ocean Charter Club.

Greece is one of the most impressive countries in Europe, characterized by a great variety of tourist places and cultural spaces, which contain much of the history of Ancient Greece, the cradle of Western civilization.

Yates, velero, goletas y catamaranes en Grecia

Yacht, sailboat, gulet and catamaran rental in Greece

Boat rental in Greece is the perfect way to visit and discover many of the islands during a vacation that, without having finished, you will already be thinking of repeating. The possibilities are endless, as many as the 2,000 islands (only 200 inhabited), which make up the archipelagos of the Dodecanese, Ionian, Cyclades and Sporades. Northern Aegean Islands and the Saronic Gulf.

Alquiler de barcos en Grecia

Discover Greece from the sea

Kos and Rhodes are two of the most popular departure points and due to their proximity to Turkey, these islands offer the perfect combination of charter between Greece and Turkey, providing the best of both countries, cultures and landscapes as you cruise.

Descubre Grecia

Discover Grecia

The Cyclades islands are the most popular group of islands as well, Mykonos and Santorini are the most attractive. We offer options for these islands, but early booking is recommended as these options are very limited at certain times of the year.

Yates en Grecia con Ocean Charter Club

Yacht Charter in Greece with Ocean Charter Club

Greece offers a lot of history and culture, and many places to visit. Many islands are very close to each other, therefore, the Greece boat rental offers you the possibility of visiting a numerous group of islands, in a short time.

Veleros en Grecia con Ocean Charter Club

Imagine yourself sitting on the flybridge as you cruise to the stunning port of Symi with its unique charm and pastel-colored buildings, or anchor in Santorini to see the famous sunset. All this and much more is possible with boat rental at Greece.

Catamaranes en Grecia con Ocean Charter Club

If you are an experienced sailor, you will be delighted to visit our wide and varied fleet and select your charter boat with or without crew. But if you don’t have enough experience or think you need some support, there is no reason to worry! All our boats are also offered for charter with crew. Our experienced crews will be delighted to make your trip an incredible experience! Our crews will show you the best bays that can only be accessed by sailing. You can always agree itinerary and the places you want to visit and they will be happy to fulfill your wishes or suggest alternative itineraries, if necessary.

If you are not sure which boat to rent, write to us with your preferences and tell us what destination you want and number of people and let us advise you! We will propose different alternatives






Atenas (Alimos)

Atenas (Alimos)



We offer special discounts for early bookings, so contact us to book your charter boat in Greece as soon as possible. Whether you decide to search for a boat with or without crew, one thing is for sure, your vacation will be a unique sailing experience!



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