Private Charter In Gran Canaria

The nautical charter is one of the activities that we could classify as complementary to your holiday stay in Gran Canaria or, if you are a local, as something different to do than usual every day or weekend.

Private charter in Gran Canaria

Es an increasingly popular activity, thanks to our spring climate all year round.

In a private charter you can gather up to a maximum of 10/12 gests, depending on the boat, friends or family with whom you want to share unique and unforgettable moments.

A private charter in Gran Canaria offers you the possibility, not only of getting to know the island from another perspective, but also of places such as the spectacular views of the dunes of Maspalomas, impressive cliffs, otherwise inaccessible beaches, and coastal towns that you would never visit otherwise it is by sea.

Enjoying a day of private charter in Gran Canaria

Is of magnificent cuisine made on board, in addition to being able to practice sports activities such as pleasant snorkeling or paddle surfing, the fun Banana boat, Jet ski, or jet ski, the vibrant flight in Parasailing, 30 meters high, or maintain balance while ascending propelled by a powerful Flyboard.

If what you are looking for is a day of sun and relaxation, we suggest you simply lie down on the comfortable bow mats, cava in hand, and in the company of soft, elegant and relaxing lounge or chill-out music, or witness a stunning and wonderful Sunset

Enjoying a day of private charter in Gran Canaria

The most notable feature that a private charter in Gran Canaria offers you, in addition to everything described above, is the exclusivity and personal treatment of a highly qualified crew, along with the possibility of choosing the schedule, the menu, among several options, and the number of hours you want to navigate.

But it doesn’t all end here, because you can also ask the captain to take you to the dolphin and whale passage area, where you can see them in their own habitat. And, if that were not enough, for maximum comfort, we will pick you up, upon request, at the point you indicate, with our transfer service.

With the private charter in Gran Canaria, from Ocean Charter Club, you will live a unique experience that, without a doubt, 

¡¡You will want to repeat!!!!


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