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With the rental of boats for sport fishing, Ocean Charter Club offers an activity that enjoys, more and more, with a greater number of followers And it is that the Canary archipelago has a long fishing tradition both low and high, born in the time of caulking and sailing, of the two-pointed wafers, times of African and American voyages, of salting and scarcity. The “costeros”, tough men of the coast, have been forging a traditional fishing culture that will be revealed to the lover of this sport for their delight.

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Ernest Hemingway, author of “The Old Man and the Sea” (an epic that narrates the struggle of an old fisherman with a large “weevil”), from the mouth of Don, first heard about Canarian marlins. Gregorio Fuentes. Patron of “El Pilar” and world dean of sport fishermen. This canary who emigrated to Cuba at the beginning of the century, revealed the secrets and respect that the canaries had for this unique fish, to the point that nowadays, it is very common to practice fishing without death of this species, in the The fisherman places a tag on the fish, records data such as the date, time, place and type of fish on a standardized postcard, and sends this card to a fishing agency or conservation organization.


Tag and Release Sport Fishing

The trolling is the one that takes place in marine waters far from the coast. Although the term usually refers, from a sporting point of view, to fishing at a great distance from the coast, of species such as tuna or marlin, in the modality of trolling.

Different types of fishing

Different types of fishing

It is a sporting activity that can be practiced by the whole family, due to its various types of fishing; trolling, bottom fishing and deep fishing, where young and old find their space

Family Fun

Family Fun

Many and world-famous are the fishing contests that are held in the Canary Islands every year, such as the Pasito Blanco Yacht Club, which in its 31st edition, held at the end of last August 2020, more than 30 boats participated

Fishing contest

Fishing contest

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