Everything you need to know, before renting a boat

Ocean Charter Club only rents private, non-shared boats.

In recent months, especially from June 2020 and probably due to the circumstances of the COVID-19 that have kept us, little less than confined and with some fear of possible contagions, the truth is that it reserves them for rent of ships, for what they offer a safer environment and in continuous contact with nature, have shot up in a totally unusual way as of today, and until September, we find it increasingly difficult to find an available date to offer you to enjoy the sea with family and / or friends.

We want to relax, have fun, run away from the crowds and, in turn, be in contact with our family and friends again, but yes, with the guarantee that open and safe spaces offer us. And for that, there is nothing better than going sailing.

The wide and diverse boat rental offer that the Ocean Charter Club makes available to you makes it difficult, at times, to choose the right boat. However, it is not as complicated as it seems, if we take into account a series of guidelines that, ultimately, are recommendations that will allow us to elucidate which is the boat that best suits our needs and, above all, possibilities.

All private charters have a single rate, regardless of the number of guests and their age, but each boat has its own rate that depends not only on the boat itself, but also on the service, the hours contracted, the extras you want, the itinerary, etc.

RATES AND SCHEDULES: All private charter have a base rate, which ranges from € 200 per hour to € 300, for the entire boat, depending, as we say, on the factors mentioned above. Some require a minimum number of hours to operate, in most cases 4 hours, with the possibility of contracting previously or on board, as many overtime hours as you wish. You should know that if you choose 4 hours, these are assigned to morning or afternoon hours. so we always suggest, if your idea is to stay longer at sea, contract the number of hours you want at the time of the charter reservation, because it may happen that the charter is contracted that day for a different time than Yours and it is impossible, on the go, to extend your hours to one or two more hours.

ALL INCLUSIVE: Absolutely all offer the so-called “all included” that is, all expenses on board are included, such as: crew, fuel, boarding fees at base port, insurance, transfer in the south of the island, food and drink on board. Some include sports activities in the price and others, the possibility of hiring them on board.

EXTRAS: Alcoholic beverages are rarely included, which represent an extra but the possibility of changing the menu to the standard offered, upon express request. Some charters include the possibility of visiting the port of Mogán, or reaching the deserted beaches of Gui-Gui, and even disembarking on the beach in an auxiliary. It is also possible to eat ashore, both in Mogán and in the Anfi Beach Club Maroa. These are all options, which you should consult before your reservation.

BOAT TO CHOOSE: Whether it is a yacht, sailboat or catamaran, for small groups, each of them has a maximum capacity approved for 10 or 12 pax, separate crew, therefore, it is important that you look at the boat you want to book , depending on the number of people you are going to be. More than 12 pax, it must be a high capacity boat or those called for events that you can see at the following link. Event Boats Keep in mind that these boats, go per pax, and require a minimum to operate that is usually around 50% or 70% of its maximum approved capacity, or its equivalent in price, depending on the boat, so the more you are, the cheaper it will be for pax. But if you are looking for a boat without crew, be it a sailboat or catamaran, which are for weekly rental, you can see them at the following link: Sailboats and Catamarans without crew.

Of course, all our boats and crews comply with the strictest safety and hygiene standards, with respect to the COVID-19

We hope with this post, we have been able to contribute to clarify some concepts to take into account when telling you about a boat rental and wish you an unforgettable seafaring day. In any case, we are always at your disposal to clarify any doubts that may arise.

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