Charter a la carte: Haute Couture of the Sea

Ocean Charter Club personalizes, like never before, your charter tailored to your needs, so the ready-to-wear gives way to the Haute Couture of the sea, which means that you yourself will be the designer of your charter or, which is the same: you will not find anything similar in the market, because you are the creator of the trend. You choose the departure time, the hours you want to sail, the itinerary, what you want to eat and drink, the activities you want to practice and everything that comes to mind. We help you, based on very complete, but basic standards, which will serve as a reference.

The boat is yours!

Tu charter a la carta

Thus, we will enter your” personalized pack “complying with your requirements. Because our primary objective is not only put in that all the boats that we offer comply with the highest quality standards, but also in the training and experience of the crews to offer you a high quality service that is, in short, what a good or bad customer experience is based on.

Ocean Charter Club has earned a very good reputation among its clients and from it the recognition of the quality of service manifested through the awards obtained by various organizations in the tourism sector, such as TripAdvisor, Luxury Travel Guide and Travel & Hospitality, from whom we have received the highest marks in their deliberations to select, among thousands of nominations, who or who meet the highest quality standards.

But we can’t just settle for that. Our obligation is to listen, day by day, to our clients to know what we are doing well or not so well and, above all, how we can improve.

Once the conclusions are obtained, we create the offers that adapt to the tastes of the clients, always leaving a margin for the client to adjust them to their own convenience. This is how “CHARTER A LA CARTA” was born, a charter modality that, presumably, leaves nothing to chance and whose rates will depend on the services that the client requires.

Gastronomy, both on board and on land is part of the offers that the client will have at their disposal, to choose between several options, as well as the visit to typical gastronomic and craft markets, which are held in the port of Mogán, some weekdays

Without a doubt, it is a new way of understanding the activity of the nautical charter from the perspective of the most absolute customization and in which the host and his guests will feel as if it were their own boat. The highly experienced crew will take care of all the details to the maximum to offer the highest satisfaction to each and every one of the guests on board.


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