Large 5 star floating villas

“Everything you need in one space: amplitude, relaxation, luxury and privacy.”

The Mediterranean is the meeting point in summer, the charter, aboard luxury mega yachts in Europe.

When all this anomalous situation that we are experiencing, we leave it behind, that we wish not much more time to pass, we will try to enjoy double everything we had planned and that the pandemic frustrated and ruined our wishes.

One of the things we want to do is return to navigate, but butt navigate without limits, to recover lost time. And for this, one of the best options is to choose the best destination, among the many offered by Ocean Charter Club for the Mediterranean and aboard the best mega yachts you can imagine, where we can give priority to the attention that our families deserve and friends with whom to return to share unforgettable moments.

In our next vacations, large spaces are imposed, forming part, along with privacy, of our preferences, putting an end to the narrowness. If we add to this the unlimited possibilities of discovering new charming places, historic cities, beaches and coves with turquoise waters, all surrounded by a luxurious and relaxing environment, the best vacations are served.

Since Ocean Charter Club came about two years ago in the segment of megayachts, with goal post in the Mediterranean, it has not stopped growing, both in number of boats, as in new destinations. Covering in these locations moments ranging from Balearic Islands to the Lycian Coast (Turkey), through the Greek Islands, the mysterious coast of Montenegro, Croatia and its beautiful Dalmation Coast, Italy and the Amalfi Coast (World Heritage Site), or France with its world famous French Riviera They are all destinations where Ocean Charter Club operates at this time, offering the rental service luxury megayachts anyone can imagine.


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