The Nautical Tourist In 2021: The Great Evasion

The primary objective will be to flee from the overcrowding

The boat rental has always been a great attraction in our vacations, whether as a simple day trip, during our holiday stay or the option of several days on board, with family or friends, whether on a yacht, sailboat or gulet, depending largely on the destination we have chosen and the tastes of each one. The fact is that a strong increase in potential customer interest in larger boats and long-term rental is beginning to be noted.

Everything seems as if we have the feeling of having lost part of our leisure time and we want to recover it at all costs, and never better said, but yes, measuring very well, over budget, the necessary security measures against COVID, privacy and of course, always fleeing the crowds.

The preferences are for boats of lengths much higher than the usual ones, in which to sail with the family in private charter with crew and for periods of 5 days to a week. The possibility of choosing itineraries, as well as being able to taste a very good gastronomy, are also part of the preferences that most searches opt for.

2021 will not be, in this sense, very different, except that the proximity to our place of residence will predominate in our choice for fear of mobility conditions due to the restrictions imposed by the different governments as a result of COVID-19.

An increase in the number of clients is already beginning to be noticed and with greater intensity, without a doubt, it will be more noticeable in the first half of the year. Especially by Clients who have seen, for the first time, this option to navigate, as a safer option than staying in a hotel, if only due to the distance that navigating and getting away from the crowds provides.

In this sense, long-term charters (of days or weeks), will become more relevant, if possible, among the preferences of the clients, as a vacation modality, insofar as a boat offers the same or greater comforts than those offered by a hotel, a villa or an apartment: an expert crew at your entire and exclusive disposal, spacious and fully equipped cabins, sports activities, good gastronomy, common meeting areas, etc.

The destinations highlighted by their popularity are: Spain (Canary and Balearic Islands), the French Riviera, Monaco, Italy, Croatia, Sardinia, Greece, Turkey. This is where most of the large crewed mega yachts are concentrated and this is where you will also find a wide variety of interesting places and cultures to visit. The Mediterranean has it all. The area offers, in addition to a great diversity of countries, the great advantage of being relatively close to the rest of Europe.

In addition to this, the infrastructure for navigation is unsurpassed, offering an infinity of marinas full of fantastic yachts, sailboats, gulets and mega yachts that can be chartered, as well as the best shops, restaurants, bars and all the amenities you may need. Due to its popularity, the Mediterranean has an incredible variety of charter boats available and of all lengths you can imagine.

Yacht charter prices in the Mediterranean vary depending on the size, style and age of the yacht. Our mega yachts for rent range from 30,000 euros to more than 1,000,000 per week, however, cheaper options are offered and adapted to the needs of each one.

The Canary Islands will continue to stand out, as sun and beach destinations, among all popular destinations, not only due to its high level of tourist infrastructure, but also to its absence of seasonality throughout the year.

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