Recommendations for sailing in 2021

These new and strange circumstances that we live in today, due to the pandemic, have changed our customs in many aspects, if not practically everything.

However, we keep alive the same desire to relate, to see friends, to go out for a drink, to make the odd getaway, with no limits other than those of our own imagination. And of course, we keep alive the desire to feel the sea again.

There are things that, due to the many restrictions that they impose on us, what they will never be able to do is limit our ability to dream and that sometimes these dreams become reality such as the possibility of sailing, especially for those of us who are lucky enough to live near the sea.

Whatever we do, we must always bear in mind the obligation to comply with certain preventive standards from a health point of view that, unfortunately, will become commonplace in the coming months or, perhaps, years. But it is the only thing that will allow us to go back to doing what we have always been doing, although adapting to a new way of doing them, such as, for example:

The distancing between people, the use of masks, hand hygiene, “controlled” hours of freedom, work from home, limited mobility, capacity in both public and private places, etc, etc. If we do not have the capacity to adapt to these new impositions, we will all end up hunting flies wherever we are at all times.

Without having to abstract from reality, we must seek and find the gaps that this reality leaves us in order, in the best possible way, to exercise the physique and distract the mind, and one of the best possible ways is contact with the sea: going out to navigate. 

To do this, we must take into account the following:

  • Find out about the possibilities of canceling the reservation.
  • Make sure that the boat rental is for the exclusive use of you and your group.
  • Find out about the maximum capacity of guests (may vary depending on the boat).
  • Although the boat offers you, as it cannot be otherwise, all the safety and hygiene elements, it does not hurt that you bring your own.
  • If you want to snorkel, bring your own equipment.
  • Most charters include food and drink, however, given the circumstances, it will be offered by a trusted external catering, which in some case an extra charge may apply.
  • Remember to maintain interpersonal distances, use the mask at the appropriate times, as well as the hydroalcoholic gel that will be offered to you on board.

The sea is an open place and therefore offers one of the safest and most relaxing environments that exist, however, no preventive measure is superfluous, when it comes to reducing the risks of possible contagion. All our boats comply with the hygienic-sanitary measures imposed by the Government of the Canary Islands and the General Directorate of Merchant Marine (DGMM).


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