Canary Islands: back to the future

We recover the best of our past and present, to implement it in the future

Alquiler de barcos en Canarias

The past already augured a great future for the islands. This is how it was known to see, from the times of the Greeks and thus, centuries later, travelers from all over the world discovered and continue to do so, some Canary Islands full of healthy properties, a unique climate, mild temperatures with days full of light, pure marine air and a host of natural resources that have made the Canary Islands a paradise of wellness.

What is happening today is nothing more than a pause, more or less lasting, but it will be overcome and when that moment comes, we must be prepared to face new ways of doing things, new challenges that we will have to overcome and that require of all our imagination and creativity to overcome them. Everything that makes our tourist destination a world-class destination will remain there, as it has for centuries, but it has been necessary to evolve and adapt to changes that different stages of life have required. Now we must be proactive, rather than reactive, because absolutely everything will be different. We return to the future and there we will wait patiently for things to return to normal. But those yes, will not catch us off guard.

Yates, super yates, veleros, goletas y catamaranes

Ocean Charter Club offers you, when all this crisis is over, a return to the future through a multitude of sailing options, making available boat rentals in Gran Canaria, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura or Tenerife, whether they are crewed and all inclusive or bareboats (without