Best crew 2020

During the course of each year, the vast majority of our clients leave us their opinion about the experience during the sailing day, on any of our boats. They tell us not only if the day has been satisfactory in general and has lived up to their expectations, but also everything related to punctuality, the transfer, the food, the activities they have been able to practice, the quality of the boat offered. and of course the treatment and attention received by the crew.

As every year around these dates, we summarize both the successes and the failures in the opinion of the clients, which helps us improve every day more, Fortunately, in a valuation from 1 to 10 we are at 9.4. which translates into a high score that we receive from our clients, which satisfies us but, not for that reason, we rest on our laurels and every day we strive to ensure that said assessment reaches its maximum score, 10.

Our primary objective is not only that all the boats we offer meet the highest quality standards, that also, but in the training and experience of the crews that are, in short, what is based on a good or bad customer experience.

As every year, around these dates, we summarize the comments and opinions of our clients in this regard and we can observe the importance for them, of course, the service offered by the crews, in which their evaluations stand out.

To them, to the crews, our tribute goes, because regardless of the assessment that customers make of the experience in general, the crews get the highest score.

This time, Congratulations to Toni and Oliver!!

All our boats and crews comply with the regulations in force Covid-19 of the general directorate of marina mercante (dgmm) and the health authorities of the government of the Canary Islands.

Flexible booking: in the event that new regulations apply restrictions that prevent the celebration of the chart, we offer at the customer’s choice a new date or a full return of the amounts paid up to the moment.

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