Megayates, “When size does matter”

Megayachts when size does matter Mangusta 131

The rental of mega yachts has become in recent years and more in these times, something more and more common.

megayacht when size does matter mangusta 131

Hygienic-sanitary security measures, the search for privacy, relaxation and the possibility of traveling long distances together with your family or friends, without having to share the space with anyone other than yours, is a real privilege that not only a few can afford it, as one might think.

megayacht when size does matter pax
megayacht when size does matter pax

A crew at your entire and exclusive disposal will make your cruise truly unforgettable. Being able to choose the menu for each day, at the hands of a chef with great experience, will allow you to taste the best gastronomy in the area where you are. Activities such as jet skiing, fly boarding/a>, snorkeling, paddle surfing, etc. That you can practice at all times, will provide the necessary fun in your leisure time.

megayacht when size does matter crew

These are some of the advantages that you will not be able to find in a hotel, no matter how great luxury it may be and that must be considered when making the decision between renting a boat or staying in a hotel, to spend a few days on vacation.

The number of mega yachts offered by Ocean Charter Club is as wide as it is diverse, as well as the countless destinations throughout the Mediterranean, from the Balearic Islands to the Turkish coasts, passing through countless bases in France, Italy, Croatia, Montenegro, Greece, etc.

megayacht when size does matter montenegro port

Porto Montenegro Yacht Club

Although in this post we refer mainly to mega yachts, we must also keep in mind the yachts, sailboats, schooners and catamarans of medium length that, like the large ones, perfectly fulfill their function in terms of the advantages of privacy and exclusivity. Everything depends on the number of people, the budget we have planned, the comforts we want to find and the preferred destination.

megayacht when size does matter yachts
megayacht when size does matter catamarans
megayacht when size does matter megayachts
megayacht when size does matter gulets

Undoubtedly, the price range is wide, and in this sense it is impossible to establish an average, since everything depends on a series of factors depending on the personal claims of each one.

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